Our Work and Achievements

Our Work and Achievements

In 2010, Greener Journeys launched the One Billion Challenge with the aspiration of taking one billion car journeys off the road. This sounds ambitious but considering there are more than 25 billion car journeys every year, it represents a more modest reduction of 4% in real terms. Put another way, it requires car drivers to make just one fewer car journey per month.

Our achievements to date:

  • Cross-party support for our objectives and a positive influence on Government thinking, as evidenced by the outcome of the Local Sustainable Transport Fund and the Comprehensive Spending Review.
  • Raising the profile and credibility of the campaign through publishing reports, commissioning research and our responses to Government consultations [link to relevant bits of resources section from bold text].
  • Our report ‘A step change for Britain’s buses: maximising the economic, social and environmental potential’, was launched at the House of Commons in 2011. We have also commissioned research into the health benefits of taking the bus and comparing the comparative stress levels of driving.
  • The support and active engagement of key stakeholders has provided a strong foundation for partnership-building and joint lobbying in the House of Commons and at political party conference fringe events.
  • We have reached a wide range of important stakeholder audiences through our reports and research, and built relationships with key partnership targets such as business representative groups, for our Buses & Economic Growth report.
  • We have reached out to consumers through strong marketing campaigns, PR and research, which has raised the profile of bus travel and reflected the bus industry’s commitment to attracting more people out of their cars.
  • In 2010, we launched the first ever national marketing campaign for the bus – “Sometimes you can’t beat the bus” reaching out to consumers in straightforward but memorable advertising in cinemas, on poster sites, bus stops and on the radio.
  • Ethnographic research we commissioned into consumer travel choices formed part of the step change report 2011.
  • We developed a marketing toolkit for use by regional partners, generating take up and interest from further potential partners.

Looking ahead

Our work is far from complete: in difficult economic times when easy solutions to intractable problems seem too expensive or unpalatable, Greener Journeys will continue to demonstrate the value of the bus and coach as a key driver in stimulating local growth, prosperity and connectivity. Plans to continue our consumer campaigning at regional and local level are also underway.