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Britain’s Buses, an Engine for Growth

The publication of Buses and Economic Growth in 2012 laid out for the first time, clearly and unequivocally, how buses support the wider economy.  Building on this foundation, and in partnership with the Department for […]

The Triangle of Change

I have previously raised here concerns that the Government’s commitment to the carbon reduction agenda has been showing signs of wavering. The harsh reality is that political leaders can only go as far as their […]

We must make better use of our roads

Buses are the lifeblood of the UK economy.  Every year, buses take millions of people all over this country to work.  Those commuters create goods and services with a value of £64 billion. Buses have […]

Taking the challenge by bus to reduce local air pollution

Air pollution kills more people each year than either obesity or passive smoking. Despite this fact, the effects of pollution are often left out of conversations surrounding health and well-being. We may not have the suffocating smog […]